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Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (XL)

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue (XL)

Easy to care for and intriguingly beautiful. The perfect house plant.
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The Sansevieria Trifasciata, often known as mother-in-law’s tongue, is one of easiest to look after houseplants (great for beginners). Highly regarded for its air purification qualities and ideal for an instant boost of greenery to your home or office. 

It can survive in very low light conditions, and is very tolerant to drought (minimal watering).

Estimated height 80-85cm / pot size 4L

NOTE: These photos may not match the exact plant, size and state of the plant you receive. The indoor pot from the picture is not included- the plant is coming in a 4L brown nursery pot.

Best in bright, indirect light, but will adapt in lower light. Water only when the top of the soil feels dry (overwatering can cause its roots to rot). Consider misting the leaves instead. Best temperature above 16°c

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