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Shade Lovers Grand Pack

Curated selection of 15 plants to suit partial sun or shady areas. Great for gardens, patios & balconies!
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A gorgeous curation of perennial plants (means they live on season after season), carefully selected by our partner nursery in the South East. They're not just visually pleasing but designed to prosper in shady, through Spring and through the warmer months.

Low fuss. Ultra beautiful. Keeps you busy in your garden, patio or balcony! What's not to love?

The Shade Lovers Pack (Grand) contains 15 plants and is comprised of:

  • 3 x Heuchera 'Plum'
  • 3 x Wood Fern
  • 3 x Primula Denticulata 'Lilac'
  • 3 x Primula Denticulata 'White'
  • 3 x Heuchera Veined 

All pots are 10.5cm and come with care instructions. Colours and specific species may occasionally vary.

Note: These photos may not match the exact plants, varieties, size and state (e.g. may not be flowering) of the plants you receive. 

Each variety has specific care instructions available on each plant label. Generally though, they are great in shady or partial sun area, easy to grow and need to be kept hydrated (especially in warmer periods).

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