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One of the most popular house plants, the Rubber plant, also known as a Ficus elastica, has impressive glossy green leafs, and they are much easier to care for than expected!

It likes bright, indirect light. Ficus Elastica originates from South Asia, so it prefers warm temperatures and humidity. Would be great for your bathroom if it can be next to a window! 

To keep your plant healthy and hydrated, be sure to grab an Eco-Friendly Watering Can and Mister.

Estimated height 30-50cm / pot size 4L

NOTE: These photos may not match the exact plant, size and state of the plant you receive. The indoor pot from the picture is not included- the plant is coming in a 4L brown nursery pot.

Origin    Southeast Asia
Light    Prefers bright, indirect light, but will adapt in lower light
Water    Allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering; overwatering can cause its delicate roots to rot.
Temperature    16-29°C
Feeding   Use weak, all-purpose fertiliser during the warmer months.
Grooming    Trim off any dead/dry leaves
Humidity    likes a moist environment, so mist the leaves regularly
Potential issues    Browning tips of the leaves are a sign of the room being too dry. What can be done it to pop the plant on top of a tray with damp pebbles.Yellow leaves are a symptom of too much water.
Toxicity    Toxic to pets and children

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