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Pineapple Pandanus

Our favourite house plants to kick off the new PlantSavers Home range
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This tropical beauty grows arched long leaves with hues of vibrant green and yellow. These colours are renowned for resembling those of a pineapple (hence the name!). The foliage can lightly curl into beautiful shape as it grows (the tips can feel a tad pointy though, so best to enjoy with your eyes rather than your finger tips).

Looks great in our 14cm indoor pots that come in a number of styles (the pot can also help keep your house plant well drained and healthy).

Enjoys being in bright rooms. Water only when the top layer of soil feels dry (just stick a finger in and check), but it should not dry completely. During winter months, reduce watering. Likes warm rooms, temperature no less than 16°C

To keep your plant healthy and hydrated, be sure to grab an Eco-Friendly Watering Can and Mister.

Estimated height 25-35cm / pot size 13cm

NOTE: These photos may not match the exact plant, size and state of the plant you receive. The indoor pot from the picture is not included- the plant is coming in a 13cm brown nursery pot.

Origin    Southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands
Light    Enjoys being in bright rooms with some full sun
Water    Water only when the top layer of soil feels dry, but it should not dry completly. During winter months, reduce watering.
Temperature     Likes warm rooms,  temperature no less than 16°C
Feeding    Use a balanced water-soluble fertilizer every month during spring & summer
Grooming    Dust the leaves with a damp cloth regularly to allow the plant to breathe better. Any dead or damaged leaves can be trimed off. 
Humidity    Likes high humidity, so mist the leaves regularly/ daily- this will keep it fresh.
Potential issues     The leaves can turn wholly green instead and lose the yellow colour from the leaves if the light levels are not high enough
Toxicity    SAFE

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