Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Our favourite house plants to kick off the new PlantSavers Home range
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An instant hit with its gorgeous green leaves blending with brighter tones around the edges. It's not just pretty, but also renowned by NASA as one of the best in terms of air purification. Minimal effort, stunning appearance and helping clean the air in your home or lucky are we!?

Looks great in our 14cm indoor pots that come in a number of styles (the pot can also help keep your house plant well drained and healthy).

Likes bright, indirect light (direct sunlight can damage its leaves). Water only when the top of the soil feels dry (but don't water too much to make it go soggy). Best room temperatures above 16°c

To keep your plant healthy and hydrated, be sure to grab an Eco-Friendly Watering Can and Mister.

Estimated height 35-45cm / pot size 13cm

Also know as Draceana Sanderiana

Origin - Africa

Light - Like to be in bright rooms, with indirect light. Can tolerate partial shade as well, however too little light can cause the leaves to lose their bright colors and not grow in size to their fullest potential. Direct sunlight can burn its leaves

Watering - Water regularly to keep the soil evenly moist, don’t allow the soil to dry out completely or to be too soggy (check out our Eco-Friendly Watering Can)

Temperature - Likes warm rooms, temperature no less than 16°C

Feeding - Use an all-purpose fertilizer every month during spring & summer

Grooming - Tidy it up by pinching off dead leaves at the base.

Humidity - It likes a humid environment, so mist the leaves regularly (check out our Eco-Friendly Mister)

Potential issues - Can be susceptible to spider mites- so mist and wipe the leaves regularly.

Toxicity - Toxic to pets and children

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