Hero Herb pack
Hero Herb pack
Hero Herb pack
Hero Herb pack
Hero Herb pack
Hero Herb pack

Hero Herb pack

Start growing your very own herbs, why wait!
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They're a must have companion for any kitchen: a chef's best friend and perfect additive to teas and cold drinks: HERBS!

These Hero Herbs pack a punch to spice up your kitchen and fill it with fresh fragrances. They will grow well on your windowsill and could be be replanted and moved outside in the next few weeks as weather allows.

This pack contains eight different herbs taken from the selection below:

- Rosemary: Perfect with Lamb, Chicken or Potatoes

- Thyme: A great compliment to mediterranean flavours

- Coriander: Enhances vegetables, particularly root veg such as carrots

- Chamomile: Make your own delightfully calming tea 

- Oregano: The quintessential mediterranean flavour, perfect with pizza and pasta

- Hyssop: Can be dried and added to a cocktail to liven it up! Also linked to health benefits.

- Borage: Another tea additive, also with health benefits

- Parsley: This old favourite can be chopped to add freshness to your meal

- Lemon balm: Makes a cracking pesto or tea!

- Mint: A forgotten herb which drives asian cooking and can be added to drinks to freshen them up.

- Curry Plants: Goes well with cream cheese on a sandwich or meat flavouring

All herbs come in 9cm pots.

NOTE Photos are indicative of broad species, not the size and exact variety of each herb.

Please consult our care guide for specific instructions for the herb plants you receive. In general, don't overheat them, keeping them by a cool window is best. Water them sensibly and based on touch.

Next delivery window is week commencing 8th March - please see delivery page for more information.