Get ready for Winter gardening with this gorgeous assortment of 2L pots set to provide some vibrance in Your winter garden.

This pack can be planted in your garden bed or pots (recycled pot options below). Be sure to load up on multi-purpose compost to get the these beauties settled, and use for all your other Autumn and Winter preparation needs (great value/convenient compost options also listed below).

  • This selection of 4 beautiful plants includes:
    • Daphne Odora ‘Aureomarginata’ – compact evergreen shrub with leathery green leaves edged with yellow tones, and clusters of fragrant purple/pink flowers (white within) that will bloom in late Winter and early Spring
    • Bergenia Cordifolia ‘Purpurea’ – evergreen perennial with rounded deep green leaves, transitioning to an eye-catching dark purple in Winter. Bright magenta-pink flowers in erect clusters on red stems to (up to 50cm in height) forming in late Winter and early Spring
    • Bergenia ‘Bressingham White’ – evergreen perennial is similar and pairs wonderfully with the Bergenia Purpurea variety above,  but instead parades bursting white flowers (also late Winter, early Spring)
    • Cortaderia Selloana – perennial, evergreen grass forming a compact clump of narrow, arching dark green leaves. The silky, creamy-white plumes (freely borne on stems) are superb in the Winter garden, glistening in the frost.
  • Includes 20L of compost
  • RRP £46
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery straight to your door, from our friendly fleet of drivers*
  • One meal donated to someone in need through FareShare