Get ready for all your Winter gardening needs with this enormous collection of plants coming in a range of styles, colours and sizes. Also comes with all the compost that you need!

  • At least 40 plants to boost your garden and keep you busy this Autumn and Winter:
    • Herbaceous perennial varieties looking great in Autumn through to Winter (1L pots – min. 12)
    • 1 x ‘Shade Lovers’ pack (1L pots – min. 12)
    • 1 x ‘Vivid Winter Stems’ pack (2L pots – min. 4)
    • 1 x ‘Winter Wonderland’ pack (2L pots – min. 4)
    • 1 x ‘Survivor Pack’ (2L pots – min. 4)
    • 1 x ‘Colossus Grasses’ pack (2L pots – min. 4)
  • Includes 240L of compost
  • Includes zero contact delivery
  • Five meals donated to someone in need through FareShare
  • RRP £235

This extensive variety pack can help you transform your garden or patio in style, with an abundance of plants in an array of species, colours and sizes. Go all the way this Winter, go The Full Monty!

If you have a specific vision for your garden refurbishment, please contact our team who are happy to help you with all your gardening needs – by emailing [email protected]