The Summer selection is
  • Two plant packs of 4 x 2L pots, one delivered each month (July and August), with an option for a third.
  • Thematically chosen based on colour and seasonality to look great and be flowering for several months after they’re delivered to you.
  • The best way to provide certainty to our partner nurseries, and to support the PlantSavers cause of saving plants.
  • ‘Zero contact’ delivery on a nominated date in the respective month
  • 20L of compost

We’ve been working with our best partner nurseries to design a series of themed, monthly plant packs to take you through the Summer and into the Autumn.

NOTE: the images shown are of previous Plant Packs and will not be the same as your July or August packs.

You will receive your packs in late July and mid August. If you choose to, your third will arrive at the beginning of September. You can also opt to have the plants potted up into larger pots for you.