SEPTEMBER SERENADE (Limited Edition) – celebrate September in style with this ensemble of 2L pots. They’ve been timed wonderfully, so you get a sequence of colour with one flowering now, another in bud to flower soon, and another later in the year…plus a 4th foliage plant to compliment this plant collection.

  • The September Serenade includes four 2L pots from our partner nursery in the Midlands:
    • Salvia Caradonna – often aromatic leaves and two-lipped purple flowers in whorls, forming simple or branched spikes or racemes (in flower now)
    • Dahlia Mystic Illusion – dark foliage with a stunning contrast of golden yellow flowers (in bud now to bloom throughout Autumn)
    • Pulmonaria Sissinghurst – clusters of striking funnel-shaped white flowers (blooming in late winter or early spring)
    • Euphorbia Blue Wonder – bushy, evergreen perennial with blue-grey leaves and clusters of maroon-eyed, yellow-green flowers from Summer and into Autumn (foliage plant)
  • RRP £46
  • Includes 20L compost
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery straight to your door, from our friendly fleet of drivers*
  • One meal donated to someone in need through FareShare