From grow pack to plate! Grow your own nutritious herbs with our DIY organic grow pack. This kit contains exactly what you need to grow tasty and aromatic herbs at home. August is a great time of year to grow these types of delicious edible plants.

  • Contains 40L of organic Mr Muck’s compost (i.e. the ‘grow bag’)
  • A mix of 6 herb plant plugs (approx 3cm square / 4.5 cm deep)
  • This pack currently includes:
    • Mint ‘Spearmint’ – a refreshing addition to salads, meat recipes, dips and even cocktails
    • Parsley ‘Flat Italian’ – a staple in Mediterranean cooking, enriching a range of meat, vegetable and pasta dishes
    • Thyme – fragrant and tasty, works wonderfully with red or white meat
    • Basil ‘Green Genovese’ – the old faithful in the Italian kitchen, great in pesto, Caprise salad, pasta sauces and even seafood
    • Basil ‘Purple Rosie’ – this aromatic basil species brings great flavour and colour to any plate
    • Dill – a versatile herb that can be used in potato salad, fresh dips and even over fish
  • RRP £38
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery straight to your door, from our friendly fleet of drivers*
  • One meal donated to someone in need through FareShare
* Delivery included to ‘core delivery area’. See delivery locations page for more information.
Please note plants and compost grow bags in the pictures are indicative of what grow packs look like.