This beautiful green, leafy plant is so photogenic. It’s perfect for the Winter whilst you’re chilling at home. Loves a well lit spot, but not direct sunlight. Let this beautiful British grown plant instantly spruce up your living or bed room.
  • One Ficus Lyrata ‘Fiddle Leaf Fig’ (15 cm pot)
  • Larger and more prominent than the smaller 13cm pots, this plant is approx. 35cm – 40cm in size
  • Suited to lighter living spaces or room corners
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery straight to your door, from our friendly fleet of drivers*
  • One meal donated to someone in need through FareShare
* Minimum spend of £25 for free delivery within the ‘core delivery area’. See delivery locations page for more information.
Please note the Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees may vary in size, shape and colour compared to those in the images.