Partnering with us

Our role in the gardening industry

We aim to be a positive and constructive force in the UK gardening industry.

We would love it if every garden centre and nursery was able to deliver to customers who wanted plants but unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

Our purpose is to bridge this gap for those unable to deliver their products where that stock will otherwise be going to waste. We are not trying to compete with any of those that can deliver themselves and wholeheartedly support them. If you are delivering plants and are struggling to sell them in your local area please give your details below and we’d be happy to discuss supporting you.

Finally, we aim to build strong, fair working relationships with all growers that work with us and to partner with as many growers as we can. This includes asking all growers to sign up to the ‘PlantSavers pledge’ to guarantee that the plants we buy are at risk. If you you are a grower who is concerned about your stock going to waste and would like to discuss working with us or you have any further feedback, please let us know via the form below and for more information on some of the growers we work with see the “Our growers” page here.

Selling our products

Small businesses have been affected by the crisis and new social distancing regulations as much as anyone, and we want to help! If you’re a business that is open during the lockdown, whether you’re a restaurant looking to open during the daytime for plant sales or one thats open and wants to add plants to their range please get in contact through the form below and we can discuss how we can support you on a wholesale basis.

Delivering for us

We started PlantSavers with the aim of helping people affected by the lockdown, and that includes people who usually drive and deliver for a living.

As such, if you are interested in working in driving and distribution for us and own your own short wheel base(e.g. Transit Cargo vans or Mercedes Sprinters) or long wheel base(Luton vans) or please send an email to [email protected]

Preventing unnecessary waste

If you are an organisation or a person interested in reducing unnecessary waste we’d love to speak to you about how we can help you with the problem you have identified and are trying to solve. Please reach out via the form the below.

Supporting good causes

We have made it a priority to support good causes in any way we can. We are happy to donate stock that we have left to:

  • Charities
  • ‘For good’ organisations
  • Support key workers (such as Meals for the NHS)

Please leave your details below – we need the location to leave the stock in our delivery area and a contact number to reach someone to let them know it’s there. Unfortunately we won’t always be able to predict availability. We’ll get in touch to confirm your place in this scheme.


For any Media enquiries we’re happy to provide information and access. Please select the Media option in the form below.