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Sustainability is one our core values at PlantSavers, so below we have outlined our point of view, policies and practices in this area.

Plants and the environment

Buying locally grown plants for your garden, or as a gift for others, creates far less of an environmental impact. Cut flowers in particular are often grown thousands of miles away in Africa or South America and shipped all the way to the UK, where they will become waste in a matter of days or weeks.

Plants on the other hand, absorb and sequester CO2 as they grow, should live at at least a season and can flower multiple times. Further, growing a garden is hugely beneficial to the local environment. It supports wildlife and improves both air and soil quality. In addition, you don’t need to travel anywhere to garden, so you aren’t consuming energy or creating CO2 in the process.

PlantSavers is proud to be driving waste reduction and sustainability in gardening by partnering with nurseries to reduce their waste to as close to zero as possible. That’s our mission.

However, there are environmental impacts of gardening. For PlantSavers, these cover three areas:

- CO2 and air quality

- Material use

- Product selection

For each area we have expanded upon our policies and practices below. We are a new company, so if you have any feedback or thoughts on how we can behave more sustainably please let us know at and we will be reviewing this policy on an ongoing basis.

Carbon & air quality


Driving to the garden centre to purchase items is extremely inefficient in terms of carbon emissions and impacts air quality.


We deliver to you and optimise routes to cover as little distance as possible. We offset more carbon than we generate from our deliveries.

Only sourcing plants from British suppliers means we minimise the distance plants travel in transit. We also offset the carbon emissions from our deliveries to your door.

Material use


Deliveries from normal garden centres or other online retailers can involve heavy packaging, much of which is not reusable or will not be reused. Garden centres often throw away plastic trays and packaging rather than returning it to their supplier nurseries.


We don’t provide any unnecessary packaging with our orders. All trays and pots can be returned to your delivery drivers. These are all re-usable so we will either re-use them or we’ll return them to our partner nurseries for re-use by them.



While most plants are the result of sunlight, water and the hard work of our nursery partners some products do have an environmental impact.


While there was a huge supply challenge to get compost of any kind in the past few months, going forward we will no longer be providing peat based compost as the included compost with our packs. We will also sell peat free compost in larger quantities as a separate product. By exception we may need to use peat based products if there is a future supply challenge. All our plastic pots are made from wind energy and recycled plastic.