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Persian buttercups prefer a planting site that gets full sun (at least six hours of sunlight on most days) to grow and bloom best. For indoor container plantings, choose a south-facing, sunny window.

These plants like to grow in sandy or loamy soil that has good drainage and a slightly acidic soil pH. If you have heavy soil, amend it with peat moss or plant in raised garden beds where you can control the soil makeup.

Water the bulbs well upon planting, and then withhold water until growth appears to avoid rot. Once the plants are established, they prefer moderately moist soil, so water only when the soil begins to dry out.

Persian buttercups prefer cool spring weather and will begin to go dormant once summer temperatures pass 32 degrees. A layer of mulch around the plants can help to keep the roots cool and extend their growing period. They're not overly picky about humidity, though very high humidity can cause the bulbs to rot and kill the plant.

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