Meet the growers we support

To date we have worked with 12 different suppliers for all our products and this number continues to grow. However, plant growers are where it started for PlantSavers and having been in operation a month we decided it was a good time to meet some of them and to tell their stories. Up until we have been cautious about sharing the identities of our growing partners for several reasons:

  • Many of them have been uncertain of the impact of being labelled as ‘struggling’
  • Many don’t have a large infrastructure to deal with an increase in call volumes
  • We’ve both wanted to have time to reflect upon our working relationship (and to breath!)

Below are a few highlights from discussions we’ve been having with our nurseries


Boningale are a plant nursery based in Wolverhampton. They are one of the leading suppliers to the British landscaping industry, and provide several plants which go into our bloomer bundles and new ‘herbs, fruit and scents’ pack.

Thank you for your commitment and desire to set this initiative up and provide a home for these plants. By providing this outlet it has not only been able to save many, many plants from going to waste it has without a shadow of a doubt helped to preserve the future status of our business and the over 100 families that rely on us for a livelihood.

Jeremy King, Managing Director 


Beaver plants are a plant nursery in Crawley. They were our original supplier, and our closest to London. I was privileged to visit them this month, meet their team and see where our plants come from!

Because of the reduction in demand(from COVID) we would have had to prioritise older plants and let our smaller, younger pots die, thanks to you they’ve found homes.

Alex Lowe, Sales and Ops lead