We’ve saved over 270,000 plants and raised more than £15,000 for good causes.
Check out our plant packs below and join the PlantSavers mission today!

Our current range

DELIVERY COVERAGE: we currently offer delivery within London and parts of the South East, see our full delivery coverage HERE.

We’re looking to expand to other areas so if you would like us to deliver to your area please let us know via the feedback box at the bottom of the page HERE and subscribe for updates and we’ll do our best to add it when there’s sufficient demand and keep you updated!

Please have a look at our full range of Plants, Compost and Aggregates

Bloomer Bundle £25

  • An assortment of at least 7 plants
  • Includes 20L of compost
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery
  • £1 donated to ‘Meals for the NHS’
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Green Thumb £35

  • An assortment of at least 12 plants
  • Includes 20L of compost
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery
  • £1 donated to ‘Meals for the NHS’
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Springtime Special £50

  • An assortment of at least 19 plants
  • Includes 40L of compost
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery
  • £1 donated to ‘Meals for the NHS’
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Shade Lovers £35

  • An assortment of at least twelve shade loving plants
  • Includes 40L of compost
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery
  • £1 of every sale donated to ‘Meals for the NHS’
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Herbs, Fruit & Scents £30


  • An assortment of at least 7 plants
  • Mix of strawberry, herb and scented plants
  • Includes 40L of compost
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery
  • £1 donated to ‘Meals for the NHS’
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Multi Purpose Compost 180L £35

  • 180 litres of multi purpose compost
  • Can be used for a variety of gardening projects and planting
  • Includes ‘zero contact’ delivery straight to your door, from our friendly fleet of drivers
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NOTE: For more information about our chosen good cause ‘Meals for the NHS’ click here

What our planters say

Really easy online to ordering. Plants arrived and they were all healthy and a great selection! Very happy with how easy the whole process was, and the bag of planting compost was useful too. Thanks!

Becks C

Wonderful collection of well cared for plants, delivered when they said. Amazing value and we are thrilled, it felt like Christmas when they arrived. We’d been itching to add to our garden in lockdown and now we could. I enjoyed reading up on some of the plants I’d never heard of too! Recommend them 100%

Ginny B

Very positive experience. The plants arrived quickly in lovely condition. A nice mixture too!

Emma J

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Why buy a pack?

Health & Wellbeing

  • A fantastic outdoor activity, get some vitamin D in!

  • A great way of staying active

  • Proven to improve holistic wellbeing

  • A chance to do something constructive and educational with family


  • High-quality products at virtually cost price, as we try to help garden centres and plant nurseries sell their plants 
  • We even provide the compost!

  • ‘Zero contact’ delivery straight to your door

  • We hate waste – no unnecessary packaging


  • Support the British plant industry

  • Purchase British grown plants

  • £1 of every sale goes to the good cause ‘Meals for the NHS’
  • Help to stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives

Our story

Like many others, we were shocked and saddened to read the news stories at the end of March describing the impact COVID-19 will have on garden centres and plant nurseries that are unable to stay open.

In particular, we were horrified to hear about the millions of plants that will go to waste, and the devastating impact that this will have on the businesses and livelihoods of the thousands of people connected to the industry.

It inspired us to think about how we could help: PlantSavers was born.


We partner with the garden centres and plant nurseries who have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 lockdown

Due to COVID-19, plant growers across the UK are facing incredibly difficult times as garden centres are forced to close.

With many unable to sell products on-line, some experts estimate that a third of producers could go bust.

“The closure of garden centres due to the pandemic comes at the worst possible moment for growers.”  – BBC

“At roughly the same value, in three months’ time, if I’m a nursery producing seasonal plants it will be worth nil.” –  Plant grower, BBC


We buy as many perennial and annual plants as we can from these growers, to stop them going to waste

Retailers of plants purchase their stock months in advance, ready for the spring sales.

The closure of 2,000 garden centres and nurseries at the beginning of March means there is no outlet for the plants.

“Millions of plants, shrubs and trees could be binned in the coming days and weeks.” – Neil Alcock, Seiont nurseries

“We had sold thousands of plants, but then cancellations came in from everywhere. No ifs, no buts, the whole retail supply chain stopped for us.” – Neil Alcock, Seiont nurseries


We sell and deliver plants to people staying at home during lockdown, donating £1 of every sale to the good cause ‘Meals for the NHS’

Social distancing is likely to continue for many more weeks and as the weather improves, it’s important to find activities to support our health and wellbeing.

During lockdown, outdoor space – if lucky enough to have some – has become increasingly important to many people, and so there is a renewed interested in gardening and exploring the outdoors.

As a customer, it’s difficult to get hold of garden supplies because of the small number of suppliers that can deliver are over-run.

Feedback & Questions

If you are: 

Do you deliver to my postcode/when will you expand to deliver to me?
Please check our current delivery area which is kept up to date HERE  We’re trying to expand them all the time: please provide us your postcode in the contact form in the next section and subscribe. We’ll let you know when we expand to your area.

What’s happening with my order?  (e.g. Why haven’t I received an order confirmation?)
If you haven’t received your email after this time, or have any other order queries please use the contact form for assistance.

When will my order be delivered?
Our typical delivery time is 10-15 working days. Your delivery timeline will be shown in your confirmation email.

Which plants will I receive in my pack?
We source plants from struggling nurseries that are most likely to go to waste. This means we don’t have complete control on which plants will go in which pack we sell, only the general types. That’s why we won’t ever promise the specific contents of a pack, only that they will look great, be worth a lot more than what you’d usually pay to have them delivered and arrive undamaged!

Can you stock something new for me?
Please mention the types of plants or products you’d like to see in the contact form in the next section.

Where can I let you know if something has gone wrong?
Please let us know what has happened in the contact form in the next section and we’ll do our best to make it right.

Where do I ask something else?
Please ask us via the contact form in the next section.