Gifts from PlantSavers

If you want to send a special gift to a special person, we have several options for you. NB If you have any special requests or needs, as well as any questions about gifts please email us direct at [email protected] and we’d be happy to help!

Personalised Messages

You can add a personalised message with any product from our range with a which will be written on a beautiful PlantSavers card. For each card we plant an extra tree as part of Our sustainability proscribes. Take a look at our range here and find the product you’d like to send.

We recommend our Summer celebration here which is a trio of large flowering plants.

Garden Gift Voucher

If you don’t know quite what someone wants for their garden or outdoor space you can buy a gift card to allow the person to select their own gift.

This can be delivered by personal email or by post for an additonal fee. Vouchers begin at £40 here.

If you want to send a single item, you can  send a single large flowering plant or filled window box, potted up and ready to sit in a garden or in an outdoor space.

Find our pre-potted large flowering plant here.