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An incredible palette of vibrant greens, light creams with an intriguing pattern to match. Originating from the rainforests of Thailand and Malaysia, its broad leaves will catch the attention of anyone fortunate enough to encounter it.

This beauty can feature quietly in your bedroom or be front and centre of your home for the world to see!

It likes being in partial to bright light but direct sun can damage its leaves. Water thoroughly during the warm months (monitoring how dry the soil is, not allowing it to get too dry). Best room temperatures around 16-25°c

To keep your plant healthy and hydrated, be sure to grab an Eco-Friendly Watering Can and Mister.

Estimated height 50-65cm / pot size 3L

NOTE: These photos may not match the exact plant, size and state of the plant you receive. The indoor pot from the picture is not included- the plant is coming in a 3L brown nursery pot.

Origin    The subtropical rainforests of Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.
Light    It likes being in partial to bright light- but no direct sun!
Water    Water thoroughly during the warm months. Do not allow the soil to dry out completely.
Temperature    17-25°C
Feeding    Not a heavy feeder, but you can occasionally use liquid houseplant fertilizer during the growing season
Grooming     Won't need much grooming, just remove dead leaves.
Humidity    It likes a humid environment, so mist the leaves regularly
Potential issues    If the leaves start turning yellow, it can be due to over or under watering. Make sure the soil is moist but not wet 
Toxicity    Toxic to pets and children

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