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Croton Fire Leaf

Croton Fire Leaf

Our favourite house plants to kick off the new PlantSavers Home range
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Fiery foliage with impressive colours cascading from top to bottom. The combination of greens, yellows, oranges and reds creates a spectacle that will impress. Warm the atmosphere of your home or office with the Fire Leaf Croton.

Looks great in our 14cm indoor pots that come in a number of styles (the pot can also help keep your house plant well drained and healthy).

Crotons like bright, indirect light. Avoid harsh, direct sunlight which can damage the leaves! Water weekly in the summer, keeping the soil evenly moist. During winter, reduce watering. Likes warm rooms, at temperatures no less than 16°c.

To keep your plant healthy and hydratedbe sure to grab an Eco-Friendly Watering Can and Mister.

Estimated height 35-45cm / pot size 13cm

NOTE: These photos may not match the exact plant, size and state of the plant you receive. The indoor pots from the picture are not included- the plant is coming in a 13cm brown nursery pot.

Origin - Tropical Asia and Pacific regions.

Light - Crotons like bright, indirect light. Sufficient light will promote the vibrant leaf colours. Avoid direct sunlight, which can damage the leaves.

Watering - Water weekly in the summer, keeping the soil evenly moist. During winter, reduce watering (check out our Eco-Friendly Watering Can)

Temperature - Likes warm rooms, temperature no less than 16°C

Feeding - Balanced, water-soluble fertiliser during the growing season

Grooming - Prune the croton back hard at the beginning of the growing season, if it becomes leggy. 

Humidity - Likes hight humidity, mist the leaves regularly (check out our Eco-Friendly Mister)

Potential issues - Can be susceptible to spider mites if the humidity is particularly low. Mist the croton regularly to avoid an infestation.

Toxicity - Toxic to pets and children

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