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Eastern Herbs

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We have a limited edition range of herbs inspired by cooking and delights from Asia.

INCLUDES A FREE 30CM MINI HERB TROUGH (featured in photo), perfect for your 4 herbs.

The Eastern Herbs pack includes 1 each of the below:

Corianderthe lemony and floral flavour of this classic herb often finds its way into various forms of Asian dishes. It can boost many dishes including soups, curries, marinated meats or can be included in sauces or garnishes.

Curry Plant - originally from Southern regions of India, it is often used to enhance various vegetable and meat dishes. Also boasts a great aroma along with various health benefits.

Camomile - native in South West Asia, it makes for an incredible hot drink tea...even better, it's full of benefits as it's been known to treat hay fever, inflammation, muscle spasms amongst many other things.

Lemon Balm - found in Central and West Asia, it's often consumed with boiling water and teas. Used in traditional medicine as both a sleep aid and digestive tonic.

All herbs come in 9cm pots.

These Herbs can sit on your windowsill and thrive. You can sit them in the tray provided, and water when soil is dry. Do not over water. Do not leave outside until temperatures are warmer.

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