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Grow Your Own - Tasting menu

Grow Your Own - Tasting menu

A fantastic variety to spice up your cooking
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Getting your 5 veg a day and staying active has never looked so good. Just some of the benefits of this Grow Your Own pack!

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an expert have a big garden or small area...this complete kit is perfect for you!


The 'Grow Your Own Veg: Tasting Menu' is comprised of:

- Butternut squash Pot
- Lettuce x 6
- Beetroot x 24
- Courgette x 1
- Carrots x 32 
- Tomatoes x 5 
- Peas x 16 
- Spinach x 24 
- Melon Pot
- Cucumber x 2
- Chilli Pepper x 3
- Leeks x 16 
- Runner Bean X 8

All plants are provided in strips ready for planting or individual 8.5cm pots.

The benefits of doing growing your own are endless; ensuring your food is fresh and healthy, great hobby that keeps you active, cut down on grocery bills and it's better for the environment!

Note: While best efforts will be made to ensure the selection listed is what you receive, to ensure quality and freshness it may not match exactly and there may be some replacements made.

Full instructions will be provided with your plants

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