About us

The idea for PlantSavers was the result of a discussion by three friends during the COVID-19 lockdown, which soon became a reality with a close-knit team of friends, brothers, sisters and mothers(it was her idea!). We want to support plant growers from all over Britain left with millions of plants at risk of going to waste, and get them to UK households who want them.

Our Values


We won’t make promises we can’t keep and will admit when we’ve made a mistake.

We will not forget why we started PlantSavers.


We will agree fair prices and will always try to buy plants that are likely to go to waste.

We will try and support everyone we can; from those looking for work to those who want support for a charity or good cause.


We will try to to avoid and reduce the negative environmental impact we cause. We commit to being carbon negative(we remove more carbon than we create) and will have no unnecessary product packaging.

We will act responsibly because Growers, Plants and People need us to be a sustainable venture to continue to make an impact.

Read more about our Sustainability practices here.

Our Service

Your selection

We aren’t a normal direct to consumer company. We source plants from nurseries that are most likely to go to waste, responding to their at risk supply. We will rarely, if ever promise the contents of a box, only that they will look great, be worth a lot more than you paid and arrive undamaged.


Our delivery practices are as follows:

a) Delivery within 3-10 working days, depending on when you ordered. We deliver our orders in batches to reduce the carbon footprint of our delivery fleet.

b) Send you a text or email the day before delivery to confirm you are available for receipt, adjusting our delivery instructions or plans accordingly if you’re not.

c) To ensure that we call you on the number you provided if you aren’t in

d) To leave your order in a safe space (if you nominated one) if we can’t reach you on the phone.

e) To re-deliver your item if we can’t reach you and haven’t been left with any instructions.

f) To check in with you after the delivery via a feedback form to ensure your order was received as planned. We will then follow up immediately to correct any delivery issues you have faced.


If you have any feedback on our service, our values or new products you’d like to see, let us know in the form below!