PlantSavers update

The last few months have taken us all by surprise and forced us to change so many things in our daily lives. The tragedy of the loss of life has only been matched by the heroic action of our key workers, who have risked and continue to risk so much to keep us safe and our world running.

We admire their efforts and continue to use this as inspiration as we build this project, during which there have been many long days and sleepless nights. There have also been some challenges, and we appreciate your patience and feedback over this journey. We assure you that we listen to it all and try to make changes when and where possible.

Rapidly creating a company capable of supporting growers, saving plants and distributing those plants by the tens of thousands to people has been a remarkable effort by the PlantSavers team. This has also been made possible by many amazing people we have had the pleasure of partnering with across the industry.

On a personal level, seeing the smiles on people’s faces whenever we deliver or donate plants, gives me a rush every time.

Equally, it’s been difficult to keep our heads high when we let folks down either from misfortune or mistakes. Whether that’s been with managing expectations about delivery dates or not being able to provide more detail about our products and sourcing. We’ve collected a tremendous amount of feedback and I can assure you we go through every line of it, good or bad.

Some changes

Although we have only been in existence for a month, the landscape is already evolving, with Garden Centres allowed to open from tomorrow. Over the past week we have been in constant dialogue with our partners to understand how we can continue to support them and reassure them that we’ll continue to do so. We also want to ensure that we won’t be competing with garden centres as we strongly support them on their road to recovery. In light of this, and other feedback, we’ve decided to make some changes to how we operate:

  1. We will be changing our postcode coverage for new orders to avoid clashing with garden centres outside of London. Our updated delivery locations are listed here.
  2. We will continue to provide more info about the relationships with our partner growers, to give a sense of provenance and understanding about your products on a new page here.
  3. Most significantly we have set a new goal of saving 1 million plants by the end of 2020 having saved over 200,000 in just over a month of operation. To support this new goal please have a look at our range of plants, tell your friends and family about us and add us to your Facebook and instagram.

Regardless of these changes, will we continue to support any plant growers we can through this challenging time, and as a result, create products  you want from plants that are at risk. This also means we are focused on helping people young and old, from gardening beginner to ‘green thumb’. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the PlantSavers family.

Please, stay safe and happy planting.