Here’s your weekly PlantSavers update including information on partner growers, new product launches and the latest on our donations to good causes.

It’s been a busy few weeks for the PlantSavers team, with thousands of deliveries arriving on doorsteps and many more to come!
I must apologise for the delay in providing you with an update – we’ve been engaging with our partner growers and wanted to send this out after the changes to lockdown restrictions were announced on Sunday.

In response to these changes and after listening to customer feedback, we’ve made some updates to how we operate (Detailed update here). These changes include modifications to our delivery area and improving the visibility of our partner growers and plant provenance (see below for more info). These aren’t major changes, but they are intended to provide a better service for you, whilst ensuring that we’re able to continue supporting growers, plants and people.

Our final and most significant announcement is that we have set a new target for reducing plant waste. To date we have saved over 200,000 plants but we wanted a target which was ambitious and would continue to drive us forward. Therefore we are publicly stating our goal to save 1 million plants by the end of 2020. Please join our mission by checking out our plant packs (including some new additions) and by following us on instagram and facebook.

As always, I hope you and your loved ones stay safe, and of course, happy planting!

Matt Bouloux

PS please post photos of your plants on our social media or send them to [email protected]

Listening to feedback and new products

One of the downsides to the incredible response we’ve received since launching PlantSavers is that we haven’t been able to respond to everyone who has emailed us personally to ask for new products and delivery to their area. If you didn’t get a reply, I’m sorry and thank you so so much for your enthusiasm and energy! We prefer to let actions speak louder than words, so when you asked for fruit, herbs and shaded plants, we listened. Meet our new packs:

We continue to listen out for new product requests so please do continue to make them on our website, here.

Visiting a partner nursery

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting one of our partner nurseries. It was inspiring to hear how they’ve had to pivot their core business to respond to the lockdown and to discuss how we could continue to support them over the weeks and months ahead. It was also lovely to see the huge tents which protect plants from their earliest days to the moment they leave in a pot. Some of the pictures are shown above!

In order to provide you with more information about the growers and plants we support we have also added a new page on our site here which will provide some case studies and further detail about the provenance of our plants. We will aim to update this on a weekly basis.

Good cause for the week
PlantSavers builds donations of plants into how we operate, it’s in our DNA. We have set a goal to deliver at least a pack a day to a good cause. In this newsletter we’ll spotlight one of the causes we have donated to (with their permission) and how it’s helped them. We have already added over 20 good causes to our list, but we’re always looking for others to donate to, so if you have an idea in mind please enter their details into the contact form here.

This week’s spotlight: A couple of weeks ago we donated some plants to Daniela, Deputy head at De Beauvoir Primary school whose mother has created 17 mini-gardens for children who aren’t coming to school to learn about biology and to give them something to care for. They were snapped up by families and the children are enjoying looking after them, and I’m pleased to report that they’re all growing really well, as you can see in the photos above. A lovely project that we were so happy to be involved with!

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